The School Day & Meals

Monday – Thursday, the school day for students starts at 9.30am and ends at 3.00pm. On Friday, the school day starts at 9.30am but ends at 2:00pm.

Session Times
Morning Check In 9:30am - 9:45am
Lesson 1 9:45am - 10:35am
Lesson 2 10:35am - 11:25am
Break 11:25am - 11:40am
Lesson 3 11:40am - 12:30pm
Lunch 12:30pm – 1:00pm
Lesson 4 1:00pm – 1:50pm
Lesson 5 1:50pm - 2:40pm (Monday - Thursday)
1:50pm - 2:00pm (Friday)

Packed Lunches

Students should have about a third of their daily nutrient requirements at lunchtime. This means they need food that is going to provide them with enough energy, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

A healthy packed lunch should contain a variety of foods. 

A good packed lunch contains:

  • A starchy food, such as bread, rolls, pitta bread, naan bread, potatoes, rice, noodles.
  • A good source of protein, iron and zinc such as meat, fish, beans, nuts or eggs.
  • A good source of calcium such as milk, cheese, yoghurt or fromage frais.
  • And one portion of fruit and one portion of vegetable or salad to provide all the other vitamins and minerals.