Help & Support

What Help and Support is available for the Family?

We liaise with a wide range of external agencies to help to support families.

Through working with EWOs, the Educational Psychology Service, the SEN Department, Social Services, CAMHS, Health and a range of other practitioners we can ensure that a package of support is put in place for the whole family’s needs to be met thus improving outcomes for the young person involved. Should parents/carers require assistance in completing paperwork, guidance is offered by Arbour Academy.

If parents would like any help or support then they can contact school directly on 0161 464 3483 to arrange an appointment to discuss with us their requirements.

Local Offer: For children and young people with SEN or disabilities

Does your child have special educational needs and/or a disability?

The ‘Local Offer’ has just been launched to make it easier for parents to find information, services, activities and support.

From things to do, advice about money and preparing for adult life, to information about transport, health and education, it can all be found in one place on Salford City Council’s website

You’ll also find information about the changes to support for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

If you don’t use the Internet you can call 0161 909 6566 to request a booklet.

You can also look on school’s website to find out about the support at school for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Art Therapy

Some students may be offered Art Therapy at Arbour Academy with Simon, our fully qualified Art Therapist. The sessions last 50 minutes and are offered in a block of six weeks. Art therapy may be useful for young people who find it hard to talk about their problems or for issues that are difficult to describe in words. It may also help to relieve stress and prevent worries from building up.

Zones of Regulation

This is a programme used with all age groups at the Centre that helps young people to understand their sometimes conflicting and difficult emotions and teaches them strategies to help them regulate their emotions.


At Arbour Academy, we believe that mental health and wellbeing impacts on everything we do, and we promote and teach mindfulness right across the curriculum.

Nurture Group

For those students who are not quite classroom ready, there is the opportunity to join our Nurture Group, which offers a bespoke learning experience; developing the students self esteem and resilience in a smaller learning environment before preparing them to transition over to the main building.

Support for Parents and Carers

We believe that helping a young person to become ready to return to school is a team effort. We ask that our parents become involved in our parenting classes where possible and encourage an open, free flowing dialogue that enables us to creative a supportive network around the family where everyone feels safe and able to communicate honestly.