Communication With Parents

Regular and frequent home school communication, to ensure that students’ needs are collaboratively met, is prioritised by Arbour Academy.

The academy has an open door policy and parents are encouraged to contact us at any time for support. We are always happy to take phone calls, text messages or emails from parents and same-day appointments can usually be booked if parents would like to meet a particular member of staff. In addition there are two formal evenings per academic year when parents can come into the academy, see their child’s work and speak with teachers about their child’s progress. End of term progress monitoring sheets are sent to parents as well as a full report once each year. Some young people will have a home-school communication book. 

Arbour Academy welcomes feedback from parents. This may be given in a number of ways: in person, by telephone or in writing by letter, text message or email. Parents are encouraged to have their say about Arbour Academy on Parent View.

General information for parents will be updated on this website and we have a Twitter page @CanterburyPRU for regular updates about school and community events as well as news about mental health. 

Please contact school reception if you have any further queries.

Working Together

The Arbour Academy admission pack garners assurances from parents and pupils that they will make the most of the opportunities presented to them and that pupils, supported by their parents/carers, will adhere to policies and procedures e.g. regarding uniform and electronic devices.

Our pupils meet regularly with key staff to share their views and voice any concerns. 

We actively welcome feedback from parents and carers at any opportunity. We ask all our parents to download the academy app at myschoolapp.co.uk 

We work with a wide range of agencies from health and social care to ensure we can sign post services to parents and ensure children get the wrap around care that they and their families need.

Annual Reviews

Young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan will have an Annual Review. Parents will be notified of the date of the Annual Review by the SEND Lead, Michelle Peart, although interim reviews may be called at any point during the year to discuss areas of concern. Young people will be included in the process of their Annual Review; they will be asked to share their views in their preferred style prior to the Annual Review. Any other professionals who work with the young person will be asked to attend the Annual Review also.

People present at the review could include a range of professionals involved in the young person's life. 

This process is an important part of the partnership we want to develop with parents to ensure we are meeting their child’s needs. If there are any causes for concern we take this very seriously and will endeavour to try to resolve any issues as quickly as we can.