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Local Governing Body

All governing body members are appointed by the local governing body.

Community and Associate members are chosen and appointed by the governing body and are selected to bring relevant skills to the governing body.

Staff and Parent members are then approved by the full governing body.

Details of the current governing body are available on request from the school office.

Current Governors
Previous Governors
Name Role/Type Term of Office Subcommittee membership register Signed business committees Pecuniary Interests
Jacob Bond Chair 24.02.21 to 23.02.25 Staff & Pupil Wellbeing, Safeguarding for Kassia Academy, Careers, Health & Safety. Yes Trustee Greater Manchester West Country Scout Council, Employee Great Academies Education Trust, Trustee Ellesmere District Scout Council
Simon Lennox Community 25.03.21 to 24.03.25 Standards & Effectiveness, Pupil Premium. Yes No interest declared
Heather Burke Staff Governor 18.04.23 to 18.04.27 Standards & Effectiveness Yes No interest declared
Sangeeta Shakos Community  12.05.23 to 11.05.27 Staff & Pupil Wellbeing Yes No interest declared
Julia Chapman Community 01.01.24 to 31.12.28 Standards & Effectiveness, SEND Yes No interest declared
Paula Kearney Parent 4.03.24 to 04.03.28 Staff & Pupil Wellbeing Yes No interest declared
Louise Atkin Community 01.01.24 to 31.12.28 Staff & Pupil Wellbeing, Safeguarding for Arbour Academy Yes No interest declared
Jackie Bowen Community 15.03.24 to 14.03.28 Standards & Effectiveness, Attendance Yes No interest declared
Rachel Knight Community 11.07.22 to 19.04.26 Standards & Effectiveness Yes No interest declared
Role/Type Name Term of Office Appointed By Pecuniary Interests
Community Rachel Knight 11.07.22 to 13.03.24 (Resigned)    
Community (Chair/Safeguarding) Jacqui Hughes

05.01.21 to 01.01.24 (Resigned)

  Trustee on Oakwood
Academy Trust Board
Parent Lee Darwin

17.02.23 to 13.09.23 (Resigned)

Community John Leonard

25.03.21 - 6/07/23 (Resigned)

Vice Chair (Co-opted) Shellie Gartside

10.06.19 - 09.06.23

Governing Body Mojo's child care Chair at Irlam Endowed Primary School

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Meeting Attendance 2023/2024

Mr Jacob Bond    
Mr Simon Lomax    
Mrs Rachel Knight    
Mrs Heather Burke    
Mrs Julia Chapman    
Mrs Sangeeta Shakos    
Mr Lee Darwin    
Ms Jackie Bowen    
Mrs Louise Atkinson