Providing the highest quality careers information, education, advice and guidance is central to our vision to ensure that every student is equipped with the skills, abilities and qualifications to pursue a fulfilling career. Our careers programmes begins in Key Stage 3 when we begin to explore options and raise aspirations in partnership with a wide range of post 16 and 18  providers and careers educators.

All young people are required by law to continue in education or training until they are 18 and we are committed to ensuring that they are able to progress to the most appropriate post 16 option which might be at a sixth form or FE college, apprenticeship or traineeship.

There is a carefully tailored programme for every year group, which involves careers education in lessons, visits to universities, colleges and employers as well as careers fairs and employer engagement days. Our strategy is designed to develop core skills for employability including personal, learning and thinking skills in enterprise, problem solving and communication. 

We are very proud of our record in ensuring our students progress to the right destination post 16, and succeed on their chosen course by continuing to provide support from GCSE and beyond. Claire Cooper is our dedicated careers lead.

New for September 2023!

Arbour Academy is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be part of the Skills Builder Partnership. This is a programme to ensure that young people develop the skills most sought by employers. Watch this space!

Arbour Academy Pupil Careers Entitlement

By the end of year 11 every student will have had the opportunity to access:

  • Impartial information, advice and guidance from an independent, highly qualified advisor
  • Individual careers interview and action plan
  • Careers events, college and university visits
  • Support in writing personal statements/CVs
  • Detailed, accurate references
  • Opportunities to work with employers and undertake work-related learning
  • Support and guidance in applying for apprenticeships
  • Additional support for students with special educational needs and disabilities or who may face barriers to making progress post 16.
Provider Access Statement

All pupils in years 7-13 are entitled:

  • to find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point;
  • to hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options events, assemblies and group discussions and taster events;
  • to understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.
Management of provider access requests

A provider wishing to request access should contact Claire Cooper.

Telephone: 0161 464 3483

Email: ccooper@arbouracademy.uk

Opportunities for access

The school offers a comprehensive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme and an overview of this programme can be seen in the School’s Careers Charter which can be seen on the school website.

Please speak to our Careers Advisor to identify the most suitable opportunity for you.

For Arbour Academy Pupils

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to speak to someone about your career choices and pathways, please get in touch with ccooper@arbouracademy.uk who is our designated Careers Lead at Arbour Academy.

The academy will make a suitable space available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity. The academy will also make available ICT and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Advisor or a member of their team.

Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course literature with the Careers Advisor so that they can be displayed in the Careers Section of the library.